September 26, 2012

Sharing knowledge is part of our core culture at LinkedIn, whether it’s through hackdays or contributions to open-source projects. We actively participate in academic conferences, such as KDDSIGIR, RecSys, and CIKM, as well as industry conferences like QCON and Strata.

Beyond sharing our own knowledge, we provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to share their insights with the technical community. We host an Tech Talk series at our Mountain View headquarters that we open up to the general public.

We recently hosted Panos Ipeirotis, a professor at NYU and one of the world’s top experts on crowdsourcing. He talked about “Crowdsourcing: Achieving Data Quality with Imperfect Humans”. If you weren’t able to attend the talk in person or watch the stream, I encourage you to watch the recording, which we’ve posted to our Tech Talks channel on YouTube and embedded above. Panos delivers an insightful and entertaining tour of the benefits and pitfalls of crowdsourcing applied to real-world data products. Enjoy!